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Yellow Mile Call Center is a multi-functional call center with qualified staff and advanced IT infrastructure. The framework of our service area is drawn and developed in line with the needs of our customers. Our goal is always to share the best customer experience with leading brands in the industry.

Years of Experience at Call Center Service

Yellow Mile Call Center

In today's business world where customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the product variety and competitiveness on the market, companies need to improve or completely revise their sales marketing activities as well as their approach to service mentality.

Yellow Mile (Vodafone Call Center)

Vodafone Net Outbound

As an experienced business partner for many years, we are running the Vodafone Outbound campaigns at the top quality.

Vodafone Net inbound

We are a Vodafone Solution Partner in answering incoming calls as a professional business partner.

Vodafone Net Backoffice

Yellow Mile has been at the top of its vodafonewritten services as an experienced business partner for many years.

Career Opportunity at Yellow Mile

Are you aiming for a strong career with friendly teammates in a decent work environment,
by getting qualified vocational training from expert trainers on the subject?
Yellow Mile offers these possibilities to you.
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